Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ostrich Festival 2012

We went to the Ostrich Festival for the first time this year.
Davin loved it, Bryan thought it was fun, Who knows really what Brielle thought, I am unsure how I feel
Bryan loves this pic of Davin (above)
The kids were able to feed the animals.
I was really impressed with the petting zoo. It was clean, the animals were clean, I didn't feel completely disgusted letting my kids feed the animals.
Davin loved feeding all of the different varieties of goats from around the world
Brielle giggled when their little tongues hit her hand
Our favorite shows were the Monkey show and the Water Jumping Dogs...pretty awesome
Davin went through a Fun House at the end. He loved it.
It was fun, it was just not what I was expecting. It was like the State Fair and I was hoping for something not so crazy huge with so many people I guess...Oh well, Arizona just keeps growing, the East Valley especially so I shouldn't expect anything different.

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