Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Because of scheduling, we had our traditional BFAM brunch with all the friends the Saturday before Christmas this year. I sadly forgot my camera. It was the Frost's year to host and we had a lot of fun. We added Trevor & Alyssa Frost & Ethan Poulsen to the guest list this year. Everyone but the Minson's were able to attend. Also, we started a Christmas Present Exchange with the kids and they loved it.

The Sunday before Christmas, I was able to participate in my Stake's Christmas Program. It was absolutely gorgeous and an amazing experience. I am so grateful to be asked to be apart of it and that Bryan was supportive of me with the practices and being gone for the performance. 

Traditional Filichia Family Christmas Eve Brunch
The cousin gift exchange
Brielle's first Christmas present that she unwrapped mostly herself
Davin's STAR WARS toy from the cousins
Brielle the angel
She even helped play the piano-she is totally my daughter. She loves the piano.
Matt as the donkey.... Had to put this in here
The kids circled in front of cute
Brielle unwrapping her Santa present and getting so excited
She needed some help so Daddy & Davin stepped in.
Davin hugging Santa
Brielle checking out the lights and somewhat of her reflection in the coffee table...she did this all night
Davin as Joseph
Bryan is so cute
Joseph taking care of Mary & Baby Jesus

Brielle trying to eat the chocolates Grandpa got
She kept stealing everyone else's toys so she got pinned down...
Christmas morning!
The tree, presents & Santa gifts

Brielle with her new Ariel phone
Davin unwrapping presents
Brielle being so excited for everything!
Davin at Stowell's unwrapping presents
Brielle so excited for her shopping cart
Stowell Family Brunch-Uncle Brent surprised Davin & his cousin Ryder with a motorcycle ride
We had so much fun!

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